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Welcome to Del Les Resort

We are beautifully situated on the pristine shores of Little Lake and Lake Superior in the Two Hearted Country. On Lake Superior, in the north country of Michigan, lies one of the last tracks of true wilderness in the Middle West. Mostly bypassed by the wave of civilization is a wide-spreading, primitive area of woods, plains, lakes and rivers.
The traveler from the south will have left the noise and bustle of the city far behind him when he first sees that unbroken expanse of forest which is the Tahquamenon Valley and the beginning of the Two Hearted Country.

At Little Lake, on Lake Superior, near the mouths of the Big and Little Two Hearted Rivers is Del Les Resort - truly the heart of the Two Hearted Country. Here, if you seek solitude, you can find it - find escape from the
crowds, noise, and clamor of year-round living. You can follow dim trails through virgin forests; roam the sandy, empty beach of Lake Superior; know the thrilling freedom of unpeopled places.

The Two Hearted and Little Two Hearted Rivers drain a wild area of some four hundred square miles, where the only industry is logging, and where deer and bear, wolves, coyotes, bobcats, even a few moose, find room to roam at will.

Little Lake is an inland lake connected to Lake Superior - about three-quarters of a mile long by one-half mile wide. It is a harbor of refuge for small craft and the only Lake Superior boat access in Luce County. We are located in the wilderness of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. See our maps page for more details.
We are located just 17 miles from the Tahquamenon Falls. The Taquamenon River was made famous in the Longfellow poem Hiawatha. According to Indian lore, the origin of the name Tahquamenon is attributed to the water's amber color. It is the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, second in size to Niagara.
We are also located within 1 hour of the following Upper Michigan Attractions:

Whitefish Pointe Bird Observatory
Shipwreck Museum
Oswald's Bear Ranch
Tahquamenon Falls State Park
Tahquamenon Logging Museum

Our beautiful Upper Peninsula (U.P.) has so much to offer. Call today to reserve your time away from it all.

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Cabins, Cottages, Motels, Hotels, Resorts on Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan