Luce County Lakes

Lakes in the U.P.
Michigan's Upper Peninsula Inland Lakes

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  • Maps of inland lakes in Luce County Michigan. - click on text below to view inland lake maps on the State of Michigan D.N.R. website.
  • Barclay Lake
    Bass Lake
    Bass Lake (Version 2)
    Beaver House Lake
    Beck Camp Lake
    Belle Lake
    Belle Lake Three
    Belle Lake Two
    Benny Lake
    Betsy Lake
    Bodi Lake
    Buckeye Lake
    Bullhead Lake
    Camp 5 Lake
    Camp Eight Lake
    Camp Seven Lake
    Cranberry Lake
    Cris Brown Lake
    Culhane Lake
    Deadmans Lake
    Deer Lake
    Dillingham Lake
    Dude Lake
    East Lake
    Fur Farm Lake
    Goose Lake
    Halfway Lake
    Hamilton Lake
    Holland Lake
    Homestead Lake
    Jack Lake

    Kaks Lake

    Little Buckeye Lake

    Little Perch Lake

    Little Two Hearted Lake No 1

    Little Two Hearted Lake No 2

    Little Two Hearted Lake No 3

    Little Two Hearted Lake No 4

    Little Two Hearted Lake No 5

    Little Two Hearted Lake No 6

    Locke Lake

    Long Lake

    Long Lake (Version 2)

    Lost Lake

    Macki Lake

    McCormick Lake

    Moon Lake

    Mud Lake

    Murray Lake

    Musgrave Lake

    Muskallonge Lake

    Muskrat Lake (west)

    Muskrat Lake(east)

    No Name Lake

    No Name Lake

    No Name Lakes

    North Manistique Lake

    Old Headquarters Lake

    Peanut Lake

    Perch Lake

    Peter Lake

    Pike Lake

    Pratt Lake

    Pretty Lake

    Quinian Lake

    Quintus Lake

    Rainey Lake

    Rainey Lake (Version 2)

    Randolph Lake

    Ready Lake

    Reds Lake

    Ross Lake

    Sid Lake


    Snow Plow Lake

    Stuart Lake

    Syphon Lake

    Tahquamenon Lake

    Tahquamenon Lake (Version 2)

    Tahquamenon Lake No 2

    Tahquamenon Lake No 3

    Tahquamenon Lake No 4

    Tank Lake

    Tek Lake

    Turnbull Lake

    Turtle Lake

    Twin Lake (east)

    Twin Lake (west)

    Ward Lake

    Wolf Lake

    Wolverine Lake

    Young Lake