Marquette County Lakes

Lakes in the U.P.
Michigan's Upper Peninsula Inland Lakes

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  • Maps of inland lakes in Marquette County Michigan. - click on text below to view inland lake maps on the State of Michigan D.N.R. website.
  • Airport Lake

    Anderson Lake

    Arfelin Lake

    Baldwin Kiln Lake

    Bancroft Lake

    Bass Lake

    Bass Lake (Version 2)

    Bat Lake

    Bedspring Lake

    Bertrand Lake

    Big Bob's Lake

    Big Chief Lake

    Big Shag Lake

    Big Trout Lake

    Bobs Lake

    Boston Lake

    Brocky Lake

    Camp 5 Lake

    Chain Of Lakes - East

    Chain Of Lakes-middle

    Chain Of Lakes-west

    Charlie (east)

    Charlie (west)

    Clear Lake

    Cooper Lake

    Cranberry Lake

    Crooked Lake

    East Van Riper Lake

    East Voelker Pond

    Engmans Lake

    Farmer Lake

    Fish Lake

    Flopper Pond

    Furnace Lake

    Goldmine Lake

    Goose Lake

    Grant Lake

    Gunpowder Lake

    Harlow Lake

    Hasscib Lake

    Hawkins Pond

    Haywire Lake

    Helen Lake

    Horseshoe Lake

    Indian Lake

    Irene Lake

    Island Lake

    Island Lake (Version 2)

    Johnson Lake

    Johnson Lake (Version 2)

    Just Lake

    Kawbawgam Lake

    L. S. & I. Gravel Pit

    L. S. & I. Gravel Pit

    Lake 41

    Lake Angeline

    Lake Independence

    Lake Keewaydin

    Lake Michigamme

    Lilly Lake

    Little Brocky Lake

    Little Chabenau Lake

    Little Chief Lake

    Little Lake

    Little Pelesier Lake

    Little Shag Lake

    Little Squaw Lake

    Little White Goat Lake

    Little White Goat Lake (Version 2)

    Log Lake

    Lowmoor Lake

    Mehl Lake

    Miller Lake

    Miller Lake (Version 2)

    Mirror Lake

    Moccasin Lake

    Morbit Lake

    Mud Lake

    Mud Lake (Version 2)

    Nash Lake

    No Name Pond

    Noren Lake

    North Lake

    North Sagola Lake

    North Van Riper Lake

    Northwestern Lake

    Ogden Lake

    Orchard Lake

    Pelesier Lake

    Perch Lake

    Perch Lake (Version 2)

    Pike Lake

    Porterfield Lake

    Powell Lake

    Quantz Lake

    Rice Lake

    Rock Lake

    Round Lake

    Schoolhouse Lake

    Section 14 Lake

    Section 28 Lake

    Simons Lake

    Sleeman Pond

    Sleighrunner Lake

    South Sagola Lake

    Sporley Lake

    Spring Lake

    Spring Lake (Version 2)

    Squaw Or Long Lake

    Stump Lake

    Swanzy Lake

    Teal Lake

    Tilden Lake

    Trembath Lake

    Twin Lake

    Twin Lake

    Uncle Tom's Pond (lower)

    Uncle Tom's Pond (Lower) (Version 2)

    Uncle Tom's Pond (upper)

    Uncle Tom's Pond (upper) (Version 2)

    West Van Riper Lake

    Witch Lake

    Wolf Lake