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The beauty along these tracks have been shared with guests since 1927. Enjoy the wonder of Michigan's Seasons - Tours begin in June and continue into October. Please visit our Rates Page for specific Tour details.

Enjoy the hour and fifteen minute stop where guests stroll through the Tahquamenon Forest down to our private view of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.

Both healthy and fun - The Tahquamenon Falls Wilderness Excursion is one of Michigan's most unique vacation activities and attractions perfect for family and friends!

"My experience on the Tahquamenon Falls Wilderness Excursion was very enjoyable and filled with great photo opportunities! The staff was friendly and the food was incredible. I recommend this trip to all who love nature!"

- Gina Harman

Welcome to the Tahquamenon Falls Wilderness Excursion located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The TOONERVILLE TROLLEY, an authentic narrow gauge railroad, takes you 5 1/2 miles through thick forest, the
habitat of bear, deer, moose, gray wolf, and many types of birds. This incredible train has been in operation since its early beginnings in 1927. Partners Joe Beach and Robert Hunter developed this unique train ride and river boat tour that provided the only access to the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.
Visitors and dignitaries from afar travelled here for this unique opportunity to view one of Michigan's greatest attractions! Utilizing Hunter's Logging Railroad, Mr. Beach and Mr. Hunter began a business that is still moving along the tracks to this day. Mr. Hunter's great grandson Kris Stewart continues the family dream.
Tahquamenon Country and a Family's Commitment
The Stewart Family is committed to providing guests with an incredible experience combining the 24" narrow-gauge track - Toonerville Trolley ride of yesteryear with an old fashion Riverboat Trip that is second to none in Wilderness Adventures!
View the beautiful habitat that makes the Upper Peninsula an Adventurous Vacation!
Majestic Pines, Towering Tamaracks, Birch, Maples, Spruce and more are easily located with the help of the tree guide that is given to riders at the beginning of the trip.
View Upper Peninsula Wildlife from the comfort of your seat!
At the end of the train line is your first view of the beautiful Tahquamenon River, where the riverboat is boarded for a 21 mile cruise down the river to the rapids 1/2 mile above the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.
View the beautiful habitat that makes the Upper Peninsula an Adventurous Vacation!
Throughout the river cruise enjoy the captain's educational narration on points of interest, history, native americans, animals, birds, fauna and flora.
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Two Decks & Front Row Seating!
This 6 1/2 hour "Wilderness Tour" is by way of narrow gauge train (35 minutes each way) and Riverboat Trip (2 hours each way) with a stop of one hour and fifteen minutes for a nature hike through virgin forest to our private view the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.
Food, Beverages and Restrooms available on the boat. The ONLY trip to Tahquamenon Falls. This tour is a must do for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Tour starts at SOO JUNCTION 2 minutes off highway M-28 15 miles East of Newberry.

If you don't have time to do the entire Wilderness Tour, we do offer an 1 hour and 45 minute Train Only Tour. Please visit our Rates Page for details on this relaxing excursion throughout our Upper Peninsula Wilderness.

Birding the Tahquamenon
Migrating birds using Whitefish Point to enter or return from Canada, pass through the park every spring and fall. More than 300 species, including the rarities, have been documented using this migration corridor.

The park also provides exciting birding during the breeding season. A variety of natural communities including, old-growth hardwood forests, red pine/white pine ridges, jack pine plains, grass and shrub peatlands, and black spruce bogs offer nesting habitat for approximately 125 species. Among these are several boreal species including spruce grouse, gray jay, black-backed woodpecker and boreal chickadee. Photo by Gina Harman
The ONLY Trip to the Tahquamenon Falls
Enjoy your own private view of the Tahquamenon Falls! It is the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi, with Niagara being the largest.
Photo by Gina Harman
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Please note: Reservations are suggested for holidays and the fall color season.

Just click on the Make Reservations button and fill in your information. We respond personally to each reservation, within 24 - 48 hours, not immediately so please allow 24 to 48 hours for our response.

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Train and Boat Tours to the Tahquamenon Falls
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