“The Munising Visitors Bureau would like to take this time to thank you and Gina for the great job you did on our web site. The job was done as promised and on time. The site itself far surpassed our expectations.

Thanks again!”

 Bob Stein
Munising Visitors Bureau

”I don't think we have ever gotten the chance to quite expressed are gratitude yet. We appreciate the time you have invested into our site and your expertise in helping us on our new internet adventure. You visualized our dream and designed a web site that exceeds are expectations and we are grateful. Now reaching people all over the world, we look forward to growing and expanding even more with Velvet Green in the future.”

Christmas Tree Express

Sales Manager,
Laura Plesscher

"Superior Sights website has been like a breath of fresh air in it's ability to attract potential customers to our website. We analyze our viewers on a daily basis and find that in terms of click throughs to our website, Superior Sights ranks right alongside of the national and international web sites that we link with. Chris and Gina Harman have been wonderful to work with. Chris's understanding of how to utilize keywords and get customers to their site coupled with Gina's great artistic abilities in design, and both of their desires to promote the Upper Peninsula as the great place to live and vacation that it is, makes Superior Sights a marketing tool that I feel is very important to have. The prices are reasonable, the service is great, the results have been outstanding."

Bill Duckwall
Owner of Uncle Ducky Charters
Marquette, Michigan


Just finished viewing most of the photos you and Chris have posted on superiorsights.com. Thank you very much for sharing--these were a great tool for my wife and I to use. We vacationed in Door County, Wisconsin a few years back and decided the upper midwest was where we need to live and raise our daughter.

Anyway--we're going to visit the western half of the UP this October and your photos went a long way to really piquing our interest in this area.

Great job!

P. S. It hit 96 degrees here today--very depressing
(we're in Tucson, AZ and cannot wait to escape).

“This year I had the distinct  honor to work with Chris and Gina Harman, owners of Velvet Green Creations.  Never in more than twenty-five years of doing business have I worked with such talented, integral, creative, loving, kind people. Their creative talent knows no bounds. Their willingness to go wherever you need them to go with  grace and love never ceased to amaze me. People from all over the country have been awed, inspired and moved to action as a result of my website.

Chris and Gina, I will spend the rest of my life singing your praises...you deserve it!”
- Maureen Moss, Author & Motivational Speaker

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- John St. Augustine, Award Winning Host of Power Talk Radio -

"It has been a great opportunity for me to work with Chris & Gina Harman. Their excellent & unique ideas made it easy to create a great web page. They are very accommodating and extremely prompt. I look forward to working with them again."Charlie Autterson
Former Owner and Operator of

"The Harmans' artistic vision shows in every page of our website. We have received many comments regarding the professional but user friendly site that Chris and Gina designed for us. We are pleased with its results and very fortunate to be working with them. I would recommend their services to others.
Professional Nature Wildlife Photographer

"To Chris & Gina @ Velvet Green Creations: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! What more can we say! The website is spectacular! Ingenious! We appreciate the hard work & dedication from beginning to end. Not only do we love the results but we had fun in the process working with such a talented pair. We are excited to see the results that stem from the website, we are sure it will make a huge impact on our business. Thank you again and again."

Plesscher Enterprises

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Cheryl Dagen
Owner and Operator of

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Don't take my word for it, go ahead and tell Chris or Gina I sent you and set back to watch the results happen. Trust me on this one you won't be sorry!"

Kevin J. Vanatta
Newberry Motors