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Blacksmith, George Potvin

George has begun holding one-on-one Classes, teaching the fundamental techniques of Black-smithing.  It is a one day class which covers a run-through of Shop equipment, building and tending the forge fire, basic techniques such as hammer control, drawing, splitting, punching, cutting and bending and the techniques involved with making and heat-treating a cold chiesel.  Cost for the Class is:  $200.00.  Other classes available as well. For available times, please call or email George.

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"We now proudly offer WATKINS fine products".

"Leave the crowds behind and visit our Unique Irish/Celtic Country Store. You will be pleasantly surprised! We offer Original Art and Quality Crafts! Along with our hand crafted work, you will find the work of juried Local Artists as well as the work of others from differing geographical areas."

George has over forty-years of experience in General Blacksmithing, beginning at age thirteen. He is also an accomplished
Knife-maker, creating completely hand-made knives, from different types of steels.
He hand-forges his blades and does all of his own heat-treating. He has created cable Damascus as well as traditional Damscus. Some knives are purposely primitive, while some are like polished jewels. Some are Arty and some Traditional. They are always ready to use or to keep for your collection, or to give as treasured gifts. All knives come with hand-made Sheaths that are designed, fitted and sewn to fit each individual knife. For handle material, choose from exotic woods from around the world, or indigenous birds eye or tiger maple. Hand Scrimshaw on indigeous Deer antler is a favorite request. Hunters truly appreciate his outstanding workmanshipand the ruggedness of his knives.

Art is music to the eyes!

Many have taken one on a special hunt and later display the knife with the mount. Discerning Collectors know workmanship of his caliber only becomes more vauable over time. In addition to his Knife-making, George has forged Black Powder Tools, made Kokopelli Lamps and Sculptures (small or large, for Gardens), copper or painted steel Silhouettes, limited-numbered prints, from his Pen and Inkings, printed Cards from the same, and a host of Custom Work such as Fireplace tools and equipment, copper, silver and gold Jewelry (Lost Wax Casting included), and Repairs of many natures. George demonstrates his craft at Fayette Heritage Day in August, and heads up the Blacksmith Shop at the Upper Peninsula Steam & Gas Engine Association, located at our Fairgrounds in Escanaba. He hosts several visiting Blacksmiths during it's Labor Day Show each year!

Damascus knife, 10 mile forge, pottery and lighting
Every detail is attended to, every inch a work of art. Made in the ways and days of old, the talent that is forged into this knife will be treasured by the future owner of the...

"Damascus Knife"

Hand-forged blade & completely handmade.
One shown is not available, but a similar one could be ordered.

With 12" in total length and a blade that reaches 6 3/4 long, it is no wonder that this is one of George's most remarkable and sought after creations. It's truly a materpiece! In fact it was shown at one of the Bonifas Fine Art Center's Bay Arts Shows. Blade is of 5160 steel. Hand made sheath included. Carefully crafted out of Moose Antler, hand filed iron furniture, and tiger maple (with an iron zig zag detail), this knife is a celebration to the craft that this blacksmith has practiced for over forty years! . A true gift for the discerning collector, we present to you the...

"Bowie Knife"

Hand-forged blade & completely handmade.
plus sh&handling

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Black Steel and Copper Cats Silhouettes fill your decor purrrfectly! Each one is hand crafted by Mr. Potvin with care.

George creates beautiful Fireplace tools and equipment. Shown to your right, this beautiful Fork and Hook would accent any wall with charm that echoes days gone past.

"Cat Silhouettes"
Black Steel
Price Range $20.00 to 30.00

plus sh&handling

Price Range $30.00 to 40.00

plus sh&handling

"Fork & Hook"
Hand-forged & completely handmade.

plus sh&handling

With such a rare talent as blacksmithing, the originality of his work is beautiful and astounding. George has forged substantial work for Fort Wilkins State Park and completed some work for Fayette State Park, both in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Click here to visit the UP Steam and Gas Engine Association
George heads up the Blacksmith Shop for the Association.

Ask George to create something special for you! (Please remember much of George's work is Special Order, so talk with him regarding a time-line for receiving your order).

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