Bird Photography by Todd Michael Katke
His work is incredible and his photography is extraordinary! Eagle Photos, Owl Photos, Pheasant Photos, and More can be enjoyed, purchased and cherished.

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Bald Eagle Photos

<Featured Bird Photo
"American Bald Eagle"
The Bald Eagle stands for our freedon and unity in America. It is a proud symbol of democracy and a beautiful creature to behold. Here, Todd catches the fine detail of this magnificent bird in all it's strength and independence.

Nationally Known Wildlife Photographer Todd Michael Katke of Perfect Exposure has captured images that are astounding and beautiful!

He sets his goals for his journey and ventures to the outer limits of North America to capture nature and it's wonderful wildlife.

His Credentials and Bio
Please visit Todd's Bio Page and Blog Spot to learn more about this fantastic Photographer.
Todd Michael Katke Nationally Known Wildlife Photographer
2007 Loon Calendar
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Fox Pictures
"Curious Kit"

Curiosity and youth seem to go hand in hand. This little fox is just learning about the joys that surround his den each new morning.

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"Nap Time in the Mountains"
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Grizzly Bear Photos

Wild Horses - Colt Photo

<Wild Horses Photo
"Wild Colt"

Quietly, the photo is taken, not to disturb the gentle nature of this new addition to the wild.

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When it comes to photography, Todd Michael Katke of Perfect Exposure is at the top of his field. He is a dedicated individual who communicates the beauty that he sees in nature, through his camera and into your hands. All prints are ready for puchase. Simply click on the order form, it will come up in a new window. Print it out, mark the prints that you would like - by title/name. And simply mail with check or money order.

His work is constantly being used in different publishings. This website will keep you up to date on available calendars and other printed materials for your purchase so check back soon for new photos and merchandise!

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